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Complete Product Content:
1. Goo's Outdoor No.5 Titanium Stove with Grid Grill
2. 30x30cm Safety Fire Mat

3. Stainless Steel Pocket Bellow

4. Stainless Steel Lashing Plate

5. Tin Container for Firestarter

6. Mini Firewood Clamp

(PS.  Demonstration wood sticks are not included. )



. Titanium

. Stainless Steel

. Hypalon Fabric

. x10 Cotton Duck Xpac Fabric


Special Design:

. Unique unfolding structure for easy setup

. 2-Way firewood bag and tote bag for easy portability

. Abrasion-resistant stain-resistant fabric for dirt removal easily

. After the whole set is stored, the physical performance is small, and the side length is only 20cm



. Total Weight: 580g

野炊士多 X Syzygy Outdoor Gear Solo Camp Fire Set

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